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Here some comments left by our visitors... 

September 99
The countryside, a pretty house very moved back close to a river, a very cordial greeting. That is worth the turning. I would remember very a long time my cousins Québécois and you will see me before the winter passe.  

Thank you very much, 

    Lucie (France) 

July 2000 
When the paradise falls on ground and well it resembles this ground corner where the greeting and generosity are an art.

Thank you for this dream,

    Felix and Heidi (Suisse)

August 2000
Our more beautiful travel of the summer finishes alas too quickly. We hope to return as soon as possible to still enjoy this charming corner of paradis!  

    Diane and Jean (Mount St-Hilaire Qc) 

November 2000
The return to the ground, the basic values, the simple life. What could be better! A cordial greeting in all friendship. Thank you very much! Our papillae are happy, our full paunches and our rested spirits! 

    Annie and Martin (Quebec)